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EL2 – Elasticated Fall Arrest Lanyard Twin Leg


Twin legged 1.8m elasticated lanyard with scaffold hook and shock absorbers

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The EL2 is a twin legged 1.8meter Elasticated lanyard with a quick clip connector to attach to the users EN361 harness and two SCAF1 scaffold hook to attach to the anchoring point. The elasticated webbing compacts the lanyard to 1.5meters when not fully extended reducing the risk of tangling or catching. When extended the lanyard is 1.8 meters in length. The twin leg enables the user to be connected to an anchoring point at all times when moving between one anchor point to another. For example, when installing scaffolding or climbing. The Quick clip connector makes attaching to the harness much easier. The Shock absorber is intended to reduce the force applied to the user in the event of a fall. Must be used as part of a fall arrest system.


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