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Ceramic (Bottle Flexi) – 750ml

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Citrus – 750ML


Detergent for taps and Ceramic tiles

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Eliminates limescale and oxidation on bathroom taps and tiles. Cleans and polishes chrome, mirror finish stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze. Ideal to clean and demist shower enclosures.

Water stains (limescale) on glass doors or windows, on taps, in the shower and on many other surfaces and metals create anti-aesthetic marks that are difficult to remove. The high concentration of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, leaves residues and facilitates oxidation, which cannot be removed by normal cleaning and with ordinary products. With a natural base (citric acid), CITRUS provides a specific, effective solution to the problem.

Spray the product directly on the surface and leave to work for less than one minute. Clean and rinse.
SHOWER ENCLOSURE: To demist, spray on the clean enclosure and leave to dry naturally.

Multipurpose: Cleans and polishes surfaces
Demister – ideal for shower enclosures
De-scaler: Eliminate water residue


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