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Amber Neutral ph sanitising hand wash 5 Litres – Pack of 12


3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirator, FFP2, Unvalved, 9320+: 440 / Bulk Pack

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Chlor Concentrate surface cleaner 750ml – Pack of 12


Surface Sanitising detergent with active chlorine

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Active chlorine sanitizing detergent specially blended with alkaline additives.

• HIGHLY CONCENTRATED – to be diluted with water from 0.5% to 10%. • SIMPLE AND EASY TO RINSE.

Cleans and sanitizes surfaces in a broad spectrum of activity from different commercial or industrial settings to public institutions and facilities. Especially suitable for use in food industries.
P.S Do not use on fabrics and hands. When diluted correctly, it can be used on steel.

USAGE SPRAY NOZZLES – manual low-pressure pumps:
50-100ml of product for each litre of water. Spray on the surfaces, wait 40-60 seconds for the sanitizing action and proceed with cleaning.
BRUSH – MOP: from 20 to 50ml of product (according to use) for each litre of water.
Apply the diluted solution, wait 30-60 seconds for the sanitizing action, and proceed with cleaning. ROAD CLEANING & SANITATION: Dilute the product from 0.5% to 1%.
Spray sanitizer on to pre-cleaned surfaces, if necessary spray sanitizer on to a clean damp cloth and apply to surfaces and leave to dry.


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