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The best safety glasses in the UK Bolle safety glasses

COVID19 and Viral Transmission through Your Eyes

Are you looking for the best safety glasses in the UK? Are you not sure which are the best brands, materials, and specifications to take into account? Well, check out the Bolle safety glasses.  Bolle is offering the best safety glasses available on the market. They have the best models, the best offers, and of course, with all the information and prices updated regularly at PPE Extra.


Analysis: the best safety glasses in the UK


Do you want to know the best options on the market? Don’t you want to waste time looking for the best safety glasses?  Knowing which the best safety glasses are is easy if you know what to look for. We want to make it easier for you to choose the best safety glasses models, so you do not waste time. We have tested dozens of options on the market, and because of our analysis, Bolle safety glasses have been the safety glasses that stand out the most for their great value for money. We hope you find it useful.


Shall we start with types of safety glasses for eye protection against COVID-19?


If you are not clear about what types of safety glasses exist, you will not decide that best suits your needs. For that reason, we have specialized Bolle safety glasses with the most eye protection. Professionals use and highly recommend to wear these glasses in their day-to-day.


Why Bolle safety glasses


Bolle safety glasses are to protect against impacts, splashes, etc. while carrying out a job. It is an essential element to protect our eyesight. These safety glasses with panoramic vision offer a precise fit to the face because they have an elastic strap to prevent it from moving during use. The glasses are essential glasses for all those activities in which any type of profession. All kinds of eye burns are easy to prevent with this type of safety glasses. We also recommend this type of protection for occasional and light use.


Bolle safety glasses are a practical and economical solution as an eye protection system for those who use prescription glasses. Bolle offers the most demanded models in the market suitable for all.


Bolle Safety has focused its expertise exclusively on protecting the eyes of workers. Bolle safety glasses protect the vision of workers worldwide- in multiple environments, some very hostile, thus improving their performance.



Main features:


  • Protection against UV radiation, medium impact energy, extreme temperature impact, liquid droplets
  • Curved optics to optimize vision and eye protection
  • They come with a microfiber sleeve to store and keep them clean.
  • Treatment that provides high protection against scratches
  • 100% UV protection
  • Foam with indirect ventilation. Side ventilation
  • Top, bottom, and side protection.
  • Straight temples.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating


Bolle safety glasses guarantee a high level of safety, comfort, exceptional quality, and innovation. These glasses simplify the work of its user by assuring the highest levels of service in all aspects.

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