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Life is precious; don’t let it fall victim to safety concerns!

Buy Safety Harness Online

Many professions require putting our lives at risk regularly, and in doing so, we fall under the pretense of a false sense of security. If someone believes unwaveringly in their protection equipment, then unknowingly, they may be taking more chances with their safety than otherwise. At PPE EXTRA, we encourage that trust when using our safety harness and fall arrest lanyard because that’s how much belief we have in our products.

PPE EXTRA prioritizes fall prevention instead of fall arrest

Prevention includes solid rails, travel restraints, and solid rails, but when using a fall arrest lanyard, be sure to secure your safety harness with the utmost precision. Any minute lack could lead to the cause of life. Proper training is recommended since anyone who has no prior knowledge could end up completely lost and at greater risk of a fall.

Inspect a harness before donning it because whether or not you fall, this equipment is essential to keeping you safe at all times. Put it on only after you have full faith in its ability to protect you. Adjust the straps according to your physique and comfort so that you’re not one of those workers whose straps dangle a foot below their groin.

Select a fall arrest lanyard based on the level of your anchor point. PPE EXTRA offers various options at affordable prices that can be ordered conveniently online with confidence that you’ll be receiving exceptional products. Hang safely!

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