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Buy Disposable Nitrile Gloves

During this pandemic, the use of gloves while popping into various public places such as grocery stores has become the norm. While gloves are optional for the public, it isn’t so for the health workers; they require gloves that don’t weigh them down and offer maximum protection and optimal support in wet, dry, or slippery procedures. PPE EXTRA has the highest standard of disposable Nitrile and latex gloves made with efficient HPPE fibers, glass fibers, nylon, and spandex to support extensive safety during demanding applications.

Proper use of Mechanical Gloves is the Key to Safety!

Gloves are an essential part of PPE that protects the wearer from exposure to illness and infection during medical examinations and procedures. Their use is of the essence while examining patients. Using disposable Nitrile and latex gloves offers ease of use while changing them between different patients.

*Proper hand hygiene should be followed after the removal of gloves, and extra care should be taken when changing gloves between clean and dirty tasks. Mechanical gloves remove the necessity of double gloving since they are durable and made to last under extreme conditions.

Prioritize Your Health – Trust PPE Extra

PPE EXTRA realizes the need to feel safe, which is why you can buy disposable Nitrile and latex gloves at affordable prices from the safe confines of your home. We want you to feel safe while performing vital tasks in public, which is why we offer PPE products of the highest quality, right at your doorstep! Restore your health and confidence when going out today! Buy now or explore more products that are solely made to keep your healthy and protected.

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