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Alcohol Hand Sanitiser UK

Like face masks, everyone nowadays needs to have a hand sanitiser on them, pulled out on command. You can buy hand sanitizer from PPE EXTRA and rest assured that you’ll be killing all the germs with every use. An infrared thermometer is often seen gaining speed, especially in public places and if you own a place of business, then having one is vital to keep you and your staff safe.

In these times of anxiety and uncertainty, PPE EXTRA wants to become your partner and offer you all the tools required to keep you and yours safe. With people and children being apprehensive about returning to normal lives, these tools give them a fighting chance at feeling safe.

Importance of Alcohol Hand Sanitisers

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers and surface cleaners deter the spread of germs, specifically in areas that are exposed to crowds.

  • It helps to stop the spread of germs since people often don’t wash hands, so sanitizers can be placed in key areas for convenience.
  • It builds a habit of good health and hygiene by encouraging the use of hand sanitizers in all public places.
  • It also reduces waste since people use paper towels to open doors or touching surfaces. But with alcohol hand sanitizers on hand, people can protect themselves without adding any extra mess.

PPE EXTRA: your one-stop hygiene shop

Whether you’re looking to buy hand sanitizers in the UK or infrared thermometers or any other cleaning supplies, PPE EXTRA has got it all. We guarantee to provide you with exemplary products that will become an essential part of your cleaning routine.

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