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About Us

PPEextra was born over many years of involvement in the selection, use and supply of personal protection equipment all over the world to various work sectors.

Our first lesson during our formative years was to use the right tool for the right job . Now, working together with you to provide the right protection for you whilst you carry out your work. Our second lesson is ‘just-in- time’ . If you talk to us we can work around the clock to make your deadline a lifeline.

Finally there is a way of making sure the goods you need for your work are available when you need them. That way is to purchase from us. Please kindly contact us to discuss your consignment stocks. If it is available we will get it for you.

At www.ppeextra.com we supply personal protective equipment and products to companies, health, professional practices and the wider public. We provide our customers with affordable, genuine and quality products from both globally renowned manufacturers and niche producers. We take the time to check certification so that you end up with safe products to the best of our ability.

Our daily Target is To Take Care of Your Safety, So You Can Do What You Do BEST!

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