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A Guide To Face Protection PPE

A Guide To Face Protection PPE

PPE Personal Protection Equipment and industrial safety are vast and complex topics. Which is why at PPE Extra, we are prepared to meet your expectations with the highest quality safety face shield in the UK. Visit our page to buy PPE equipment in the UK as well as the best offers on disposable face mask by Boots.  Find personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets the needs of your employees, as well as solutions for you to create a work environment that meets or exceeds the latest safety standards.


Face shield in the UK: what they are for and how to use them


Along with masks, more and more people choose to buy one of these face shields in the UK, but experts ask for caution in the purchase and care with its use. Disposable face masks since the pandemic are the image and the icon of what has happened in the world in recent months. The methacrylate screens in shops and restaurants, the hydro alcoholic gel, the gloves have become more and more popular. And now also the face shield. These accessories are considered as PPE, but what are they used for and how useful are they?


In the UK, the authorities have begun to distribute face shields to shops and even some supermarkets to sell them. This PPE face shield is a transparent plastic that covers the entire face. It was one of the products that, amid the escalation of the disease began to create piecemeal. But experts warn that it is necessary to take care of its use and its functionality is limited. Do not go for ‘low cost’ or buy PPE equipment in the UK that is of low-quality. 


What is Face shield in the UK for


The face shield is used in healthcare environments in the absence of other accessories that would protect both from spreading the virus and from being infected. In case you are thinking of getting one of these screens, or you have already got one, you should know what the objective of them. It is none other than to avoid in environments close to possible infected or in spaces where it is not possible to respect the distance, direct contagion.


The idea of ​​its use is that the droplets that are expelled when speaking, coughing or sneezing do not reach the eyes directly, although they also avoid some impact on the mouth or nose. The problem? That it does not serve to cover everything and no, it does not replace the mask even if there are people who use it as a substitute.


People have thought that this face shield is something very comfortable because it allows breathing. You have to use it together with a surgical mask to be effective and to serve to fight against the coronavirus.


NOTE: If used together with these masks and correctly, it can help both to avoid contagion by eyes or to avoid contagion in areas where there is no distance with infected. However, the risk continues to exist if space is not respected.


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